Welcome everyone. This blog has one main purpose, and that is to expose libertarianism as a foolish political philosophy on both moral and economic grounds.

This blog will mostly feature breakdowns of libertarian/free market articles and blog posts in an attempt to show just how crazy lolbertarians are. I will use philosophy, economics, political science, history, sociology, law, psychology, and other fields to demonstrate the immorality and inefficiency of the libertarian utopia.

I am a law student on the east coast, and graduated from an ultraliberal undergrad university. Yet if you enter any intellectual circles, you will most likely still find Ron Paul fanboys clutching their copy of Atlas Shrugged. These people like to shut their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and yell “LA LA FREE MARKET SOLVES ALL I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA,” and at the same time ironically look down upon anyone they deem not smart enough to grasp the very complicated underworking of libertarianism (hint: they think government is bad due to simplistic economic and behavioral science analysis).

Let’s go.


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